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Dear Future is a multiplayer wandering game where you photograph a cryptic city using an inherited camera. Working collectively with every other player in the world, you must document the ruined land of your predecessors and lift an ancient curse.

Tread across a procedurally-generated world of pseudoclassical architecture and take photographs in it, saving a single one to pass down to future players.  After your first session ends, the next player will inherit the camera and continue from where you left off.  What will you leave for those that come after you?

Use the camera tools to create striking and creative photographs. Restore paths to open hidden areas to future players. Leave messages to help future players delve deeper into the city. Uncover hidden truths as you drift the depths together over generations. 

Content Warnings: Written descriptions of economic and political violence, including mass attacks. Stabbing. Drowning. Policing. Cults. Dehydration. Allusions to the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 California Wildfires.

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DearFuture_V1.01.00.zip 727 MB

Install instructions

Download files, extract, and run.

Dear Future requires a fairly strong PC to run. We tested it on Nvidia GTX 2070 graphics cards, but can confirm that it does run well on a Radeon RX 550.

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why  I cannt leave a custom note with my own


Hello! We played your game for our podcast and we thought it was really unique and thought provoking. Here's a tweet with links to the episode, if you want to hear our thoughts:https://twitter.com/EdgeGuardCast/status/1381277332351016960?s=20

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Thanks so much for playing!


This was a great experience! I didn't expect the final decision to feel so heavy, it's definitely something that I'll think about for some time to come.

Thank you!!


Really enjoyed this :) 



I liked this game!! The decision to have a stamina bar when there's not much action-oriented gameplay is a bit weird, though, I'm not sure if that's necessary. It'd also be cool if there was something that only can be done after the first run, since as of right now there's not much incentive to keep playing after it.

Thanks for the feedback. We'll consider it! 


very pretty game, it would be nice if there was an auto walking button because i have a chronic pain condition :(

Thanks for the feedback. We'll look into it. Accessibility is super important for us.